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Hello and welcome to The bLAck Mama. I’m a new twenty-something mom in the city of angels and this blog is a way to capture my journey through motherhood and share some of my finds along the way with like-minded women. I am the first one in my group of friends to become a mom so I’m exploring this frontier alone. Well, not quite.

I have some women and moms in my life who have helped me with their advice, but sometimes I find that their wisdom doesn’t necessarily translate to my experience as a mother. Whether it’s age, having a different mindset, or even just having LA as my backdrop, there are just some things that give my style of motherhood a different flavor.

Through this blog, you’ll learn more about me and what I am learning as a mommy and maybe some of those things can help you in your journey. You’ll discover a little more about my quirks and preferences and hopefully you will find some solace in knowing that there is someone else out there like you: someone who is a little weird (and totally ok with it), someone who isn’t afraid to admit she doesn’t know everything (but will keep working until she masters it), and a mother who wants to forge her own way without being held back by outdated information or being judged for mothering in her own unique way.

So get ready for some funny anecdotes, tips and tricks, and rants and raves on a bunch of different topics.



photo: Brandi Bryce

photo: Brandi Bryce



The Black Mama

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