Who is the bLAck mama?

You’ll learn more about my lifestyle as you continue to read, but here is the crash course on who I am. As the title of this blog indicates, “say it loud, i’m black  and proud!” My fiance is Korean, so our baby boy will enjoy growing up with two vibrant cultures to learn from and represent. Now a little more…

I’m a twenty-something new mom (2 months in as of writing); I’m a reality TV development producer, on sabbatical from the industry to be with my little guy at home, which is no easy task for those of you unfamiliar with the stay-at-home-mom lifestyle; I’m a little quirky and some might say, weird, but I bask in that. I graduated from Pepperdine University, did a little traveling, a lot of partying, and now, I’m trying my hand at blogging. Going to put my writing skills to use while taking this time away from the traditional workplace.

I try to live frugally and I think some of my parenting choices will reflect that. Though I read up on different methods and styles of parenting, I’m not the kind of woman to take anyone’s advice wholesale, instead I cut and paste and make some shit up along the way ;). I’m going into motherhood with the mindset that me and my baby will know what is best for us as it happens, and that’s what i’ll be sharing along the way.

My family is me, my tattoo artist fiance (we’ll call him “The Man”, our 2 month old baby boy (we’ll call him “RJ”), and our 2 pups, Peanut and Boonie. We live in LA. Not Beverly Hills, not the Valley, the actual Los Angeles. Don’t fret, this blog will cover many aspects of my journey as a mom that will translate for other twenty-something moms as well, you don’t have to live in a big city or be black, or in a multicultural relationship to relate.

I enjoy cooking, and recently baking, doing DIY projects, now with the help of RJ, singing in the shower, reading, binge watching TV with The Man, and getting lost in the strange depths of wikipedia.

Now, let’s get this party started.



The Black Mama

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  1. I think your doing a great job and I support you fully I hope you continue to succeed in what ever it is that you do…

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