Baby Houdini

RJ has a way of breaking out of his swaddle. He has since day 1. Back then, The Man and I were just new parents and not very adept at swaddling a baby. Unlike all the other soon to be parents in the baby classes, we didn’t bring a stuffed animal to practice on. How hard could it be anyway?

The nurses made it look so simple, but at 3am, after 24 hours of no sleep (primarily because you’ve been staring at your baby in awe), it’s not so easy. Add to that a baby who has been kicking like Bruce Lee since he was 6 months prepartum, you’ve got a recipe for…a really funny sight.

This is how we figured he might be a strong baby, watching his tiny figure poke and kick his way out of a fairly secure blanket. Fast forward to his 2 month birthday, and the kid is still working some sort of black magic to break out of my now perfected swaddle, hence his new nickname, Baby Houdini.

Why swaddle, you ask? Well, there are multiple reasons: to keep him comfortable like he was in your womb for 9 months; to keep him warm from the harsh and bitter cold of the cruel world surrounding him (ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic), and my favorite because it applies to RJ above all else, to keep your baby from startling themselves awake. As hilarious as it was to watch him do this in the early days, seeing my son startle awake at 2am is a sign that my hope for a peaceful slumber is just a distant dream. For a while, I thought RJ hated being swaddled, because he was so swift in busting out of them. I mean, the kid could give El Chapo a run for his money. But then, the internet gods shined their light and after scrolling through countless Pinterest pins, I finally found a solution (adapted from Style Berry Blog) to keep baby Houdini secure all night.

He’s on the verge of outgrowing it, but in this cold winter we’re having in LA, I like to keep my nugget bundled. It should be noted, RJ is no fan of the magic swaddle blankets or velcro sleeping bag things, he likes a good old fashioned blanket. So here’s what I do (I replace the SwaddleMe with a large, breathable blanket. I like these 100% cotton ones by Carters):


Use "the secret swaddle" to get even the most sleep-resistant baby to sleep.

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I’ll keep using this method until he outgrows the swaddle and then we’ll just have to figure out how to keep Baby Houdini inside his crib. Stay tuned!





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