Let Me Tell You About My Breast Friend

Breast milk — arguably, one of nature’s greatest treasures. Though I chose to breast feed and was greatly encouraged to do so by my hospital, before I was knee deep in this mommy game, I didn’t fully understand and appreciate all of the benefits of this creamy, fatty, liquid spurting out of my boobs.

I remember it like yesterday, the first time I stepped out of the shower and dried off, yet continued to feel liquid dropping on my toes, it was breast milk. Unbeknownst to me, the let down was real.

I still have a pretty heavy let down, which sometimes frustrates my little one. When this happens, I have 2 options, and depending on how many hands I have (read: if the man can help me).

Option 1: In a pinch, switch the baby over to the other boob and hope the milk is flowing a little more slowly.

or my favorite:

Option 2: grab a trusty mason jar and milk myself like a freaking cow.

Before I started pumping, the only option I had to collect my milk was to literally grab my teat and get to milking. Awkward at first, yes, but eye opening to see how the milk comes out.

Now, with an extra store of breast milk, what is a mom to do?
Breast milk is truly nature’s cure all. In this house, we aren’t huge fans of taking medicine unless it’s really needed, we prefer natural remedies when possible so I did a little digging and learned about all the great healing properties of my boobie milk.

Let me tell you about my new breast friend:

Breast milk is full of antibodies, which combat diseases without inflammation and is a great source of lauric acid which treats acne and is known to increase levels of good cholesterol (coconut oil, my other wonder cure is also a huge source). Breastfed babies are known to have lowered risks of obesity, childhood diabetes, asthma, and respiratory infections.

In his early weeks, RJ suffered from baby acne which drove me crazy. It didn’t seem to bother him, but as a new mom with sensitive skin herself, I had to figure out a treatment so it didn’t get worse. I tried simply washing his face and patting dry, coconut oil, Aveeno oatmeal cream, but nothing really worked. Then, I decided to put a little breast milk on that sh*t and voila! It cleared up almost instantly. The redness disappeared and after a few more applications, the little bumps also went away.

So what else can breast milk be used for? Here are 6 more uses from the internet. When the time arises, I plan to try my mother’s love for all of them. and keep in mind, not only does breast milk work for your infant, it can be used for mommy and daddy too!


  1. Eye Infections:  Breast milk is a non acidic probiotic so it can be put into your eyes to treat all forms of conjunctivitis, including pinkeye. If your child has pinkeye though, you should probably see a doctor first. Use a clear eyedropper to drop a few drops into each infected eye.*This sterile liquid gold can also be used to clean your contact lenses.
  2. Ear Infections: With all of its antibodies, breast milk will work wonders. Put milk into a dropper and administer 3-4 drops at the entrance of the ear canal (not directly into it).
  3. Diaper Rash: We know it too wewll, red, itchy, the bane of you and your baby’s existence. Again, those antibodies in your milk will get to work to soothe baby’s bottom. Just rub it on the rash with a cotton ball and let it air dry before diapering him back up.
  4. Sore Throat: No need to gargle salt water or take drink a hot toddy, gargle a couple ounces of breast milk several times a day until the soreness goes way. And if baby has a cough, just plop him back on for a few extra minutes of nursing.
  5. Cooking: According to research done at the National Institute of Health, breast milk has cancer fighting properties. This should make it a staple to all of the health nuts out there, or anyone who just likes to experiment a little in the kitchen. Your m ilk can be used in cereal and oatmeal or substitute regular milk for it in other recipes. You might want to let those eating it know what you did, though. I plan on using breast milk to make RJ’s solid foods once he starts eating those. A little avocado mashed with breast milk sounds like a perfect snack for baby to me.
  6. Skincare: Teeming with all that lauric acid, breast  milk is a perfect acne treatment and facial cleanser. To treat problem areas, clean your face completely then apply breast milk and let it air dry. As a cleanser, swipe your face with breast milk and then wipe clean with a towel.*As a bonus, breast milk can also be used as the main ingredient in a DIY milk & honey facial (recipe here). Trying this one on myself today!







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