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This was a trying weekend. I broke out in hives all over my body  late last week, with no sure explanation for the cause and my skin has been crawling. Luckily, it was nothing my little one had a reaction to, but I had to be pretty careful treating it. I tried everything we had in the house: hydrocortisone on parts of my body not exposed to RJ, calamine lotion, an oatmeal bath, coconut oil, breast milk worked for a hot second, but nothing was really helping to keep my itching at bay. That is until I tried my baby’s lotion. I use Shea Moisture Baby Olive and Marula head to toe lotion. I figured if it’s good for the most sensitive skin, it might just do something for mine. And, it did. It was the first thing to keep me from scratching like crazy. Now, armed with a little hope I decided to continue tackling my ailment with other natural remedies and went to stiock up at Whole Foods: fresh aloe Vera gel from the leaves, calendula ointment, which comes from marigolds, and a coconut oil/ tea tree oil mix I made. All of this to keep me from scratching and start the healing process to bring my smooth soft skin back. The rash itself is bad enough but also had to cancel plans on both Saturday and Sunday. When you’re a mom whose been home with baby and 2 dogs for the past 3 months, you literally yearn for days that bring adult in-person conversation.

And I don’t know who won the Super Bowl, I was doing laundry.

In an effort to get this week off to a good start, I’ve curated a little playlist to keep me/ us dancing. Music really makes me happy and I don’t often blast it like I used to. So this is my excuse to sing into my hairbrush and dance like no one’s watching, except for Baby (but he won’t judge me for my crazy moves).

Here are some of my favorite songs to cut a rug to. Happy Monday mamas!

  1. “Joints & Jam”– Black Eyed Peas
  2.  “Slip Slide” – Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
  3.  “Flawless” – Beyonce , but you can totally upgrade this one to “Formation”
  4. “Because of You” – Ne-Yo
  5.  “Seed 2.0” – The Roots ft. Cody Chestnutt
  6.  “Vivrant Thing” – Q-Tip
  7.  “My Time” – Minus the Bear
  8.  “We Are Your Friends” – Justice vs. Simian



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