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Hello mamas, some days nap time is for hitting a homerun and getting lots of writing and posting done. Today, nap time was for this mommy to take a nap with her little one. 2 beautiful hours of comfortably positioned, uninterrupted sleep — I couldn’t pass it up. So today’s post is just a quick announcement. Stay tuned for more goodies this week including my new mommy Netflix recommendations and my postpartum lookbook because Mama needs to stay fly, even with a baby attached to her boob.

I am now live on Facebook. Please feel free to follow and like The Black Mama, here.

All the juciy stuff will be posted on the blog, but through the Facebook page, you’ll see funny picture, memes, videos, and other internet nonsense to keep you smiling throughout your week.

And in honor of that glorious nap, check out this hilarious video 3 Things My Toddler Took From Me. I think all parents can relate.




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