Netflix & Chill: A New Mom’s Guide

So you’re a new mom, confined to your ivory tower, caring for a tiny human who needs you for absolutely everything, including entertainment. And at this stage, said little human is too tiny to venture outdoors for many of the activities someone of your stature might consider fun. Lucky for you, you now have a guilt-free excuse to binge watch to your heart’s content, giving a completely new meaning to Netflix and chill. And even more lucky for you, your new binge watching partner won’t give you googly eyes midway through your episode of Orange is the New Black to initiate an R-rated makeout session. Nope, you’ve already got a hungry tiny human attached to your boob. So now, this begs the question, what to watch? Sure there’s an endless selection of indie movies and Twilight Zone sitting in our queue, but you need something that’s so god you can’t peel your eyes away, something that will last you a week or two, something to make you forget that you had ice cream for lunch and haven’t gotten a full night of sleep in months.

That’s where I come in. Here are 4 picks to get you through your first few months of motherhood, you know, before the tiny human you just popped out is making you chase him around the house.

Happy watching!



In a nutshell: A gifted, but Rx afflicted nurse plots, schemes, and finagles her way through a secret addiction while trying to balance her family and work life.

Why you should watch: It’s no wonder Edie Falco was nominated for an Emmy nearly every year the show was on, she portrays Jackie Peyton with a sincerity that completely draws you in to the world of this tragic hero constantly battling her hubris. To her addicted brain, she is strong, confident, and arrogant to a fault. Merrit Weaver’s turn as the quirky and forever happy Zoey Barkow gives the lighthearted edge needed in the most serious/painful moments. It’s truly a nonstop rollercoaster of emotions and insight into the world of addiction, but also endearingly funny. Episodes run at 30 minutes so it’s easy to gobble up a few in one sitting. Plus, Morris Chestnut has a guest role in Season 6 *swoon*

You’re welcome


In a nutshell: Loveable and admirable, Jane, traverses her straight out of a telenovela life, juggling family, love, her aspirations, and an unexpected pregnancy.

Why you should watch: This show is delightfully hilarious and tender at the same time, and if you’re like me, perfect for your end of pregnancy viewing pleasure. I followed along with Jane’s pregnancy pointing out all of the honest depictions of life with child. Though her life seems to be ripped straight from a daytime soap opera, it is one of the most genuine portrayals of millenial motherhood you’ll find on TV. Gina Rodriguez kills it as Jane and if nothing else, you’ll get a bit of closet envy style inspiration from the titular character.

Bonus: Gina Rodriguez is an all around great actress. Check her out in Philly Brown, an indie flick about an aspiring female rapper, also on Netflix.


In a nutshell: Semi biographical recantation of the rise and eventual fall of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, as told through the eyes of a DEA agent.

Why you should watch: Deep down, every mom has some gangster tendencies when it comes to our kids. If you’re a fan of Scarface, Goodfellas, American Gangster, or any other movie featuring sexy men portraying druglords (spoiler: Pablo isn’t one of them), then this is for you. The show hits on all the same notes and uses a unique style of storytelling and archival footage to get us into Escobar’s life. I wasn’t convinced by the synopsis on Netflix, but once you watch an episode, it’s hard not to get sucked in.

Plus, Luis Guzman guest stars and I cannot pass up anything he is in.



In a nutshell: Hipster comedian Dev indecisively eats, prays, loves and works his acting chops in Brooklyn with his rag tag group of friends.

Why you should watch: if you were a fan of Tom (Aziz Ansari) on parks and recreation, this show is a peek at what he would be like if he didn’t grow up to work in Pawnee, ID. Much cooler than his parks counterpart with a woody Allen-esque penchant for uncanny luck and trouble making decisions. It’s hilarious and relevant for anyone who has dated in this age of technology.

Bonus:Parks and rec is also on Netflix. If you’re into quirky humor and satire, treat yo self and check it out.


Words of the wise

These shows aren’t going to watch themselves. Get to watching before your kid is talking and you never have a chance to watch grown up TV again!!


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