A Reason to Celebrate (RJ’s 100 Days)

If the title of this blog indicates anything, it’s that I am a black mom. That makes my son a black boy (more on this in a later post on a serious note), but RJ is also Korean. So for me, this means learning about and participating in completely new traditions and celebrations, especially when it comes to my now 101 day old son. 

You see, it is a Korean tradition to celebrate a new baby’s 100th day of life (baek-il or 백일) In the past, babies didn’t always live to see 100 days, so this was a celebration to wish longevity for the new baby. It is also a celebration of the new mom and a way for the parents to finally introduce their little one to all of their family, neighbors, and friends. I love the sentiment behind this celebration so of course I welcomed the idea to celebrate it for RJ and learn more about it.


We kept our celebration small, but that didn’t take away from the special day at all. I handmade three decorative towers (see below). This was a fun, yet time consuming DIY, which explains why I have been a little MIA from the blog. And I’m no good at taking pictures of step by step processes, so a quick rundown. I used oatmeal canisters and covered them in paper. I printed out the symbols and glued them on, then I painstakingly glued each bean in place. It took me about 3 days to complete (and if anyone reading is interested, I’d be happy to make them for you. Just contact me for pricing). 


I did however misspell my own son’s name since I don’t speak Korean and was making these as a surprise for The Man. I will be fixing that before his 1st birthday which is also another extremely important crlebration. And I am not complaining, I love to celebrate and I will celebrate literally anything for my baby (half buryhdays, first poop on the toulet, first day of school and everything in between)

Other keys parts of the 100 day celebration included a small feast prepared by my MIL (mother in law), which was delicious an included rice cakes for good fortune, fruits, and a delicious chocolate cake from Portos. If you haven’t had Portos, try it, try anything off their menu. It’s life changing. And now I have half of a chocolate cake sitting in my fridge, calling my name.

We ate, drank (I wish! I am dying for a margarita), and were merry. In the midst of me enjoying my slice of cake and nursing the baby, there was crumb spillage into his diaper. Which brings me to the three most important lessons learned in these 100 days as a mom. The first lesson: food goes into your mouth and onto your baby at about the same rate. You will never eat a meal the same again. 

 Once home, I’m changing his diaper and discover said crumbs and genuinely freak out, thinking RJ must’ve gotten sick and it changed his poo color, texture, and size right before my eyes. I considered tasting it, because by all accounts it looked like chocolate cake and I wanted to reassure myself that he didn’t get sick in the 2 hours since his last diaper change. Which brings me to lesson #2: you will do the weirdest, strangest, grossest things to ensure the well being of your child and your own sanity. Whether you’re picking boogers, calling the dog to lick up the spot up on the floor, or in my case, nearly taste test butt crumbs. 
I did not taste them, a simple smell of the crumbs affirmed it was just chocolate cake. 

And the final lesson, which comes as a result of posting this little ditty on Facebook and rehashing it here is: you must always have a sense of humor about motherhood. So far I’ve discovered that much of it is so much easier if you just laugh through it. 

It seems like this first 100 days has gone by so quickly. The next 265 can take their sweet time.

What kind of traditions do you all celebrate with your little ones. Let me know in the comments. Any excuse for cake and making my pumpkin feel special are good enough for me. 


The Black Mama

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