Strollin’ With My Homies: Graco Modes Click Connect Review

Hey mamas, I am happy to announce that RJ and I had our first mommy date last week and had a blast.

We’ve been out of the house to run errands and go to doctors appointments, but this was our first time hanging with another mama, Grace and her beautiful baby, “A” If you have never visited Holmby Park in Beverly Hills (I hadn’t until meeting up with Grace), this is definitely one to add to your regular LA park rotation. Grace and I used to work together and were pregnant at the same time.

And a sidenote, my lovely friend Grace can be seen in the now famous “crying baby hold” video. Yup, that’s her yummy little “A” featured at the beginning of the video. And yes, this trick works like a charm if your LO is annoyed by something like, let’s say, lotion, because mine was!

Now, back to the park, there is a great little pathway going around the park, perfect for strolling, and lush grass perfect for picnics. There are plenty of picnic tables, a golf course, and food trucks nearby too! Also, free parking, which is a major plus for going anywhere in LA.

The great thing about hanging out with another mom (and this is no offense to my childless friends who have come over to hang out with me and my little guy), but moms, they just get it. There are so many things in the mommy zeitgeist that non-moms don’t relate to. (Seeing your baby roll over for the first time, which “A” did that beautiful morning! Or the nonsensical babble that totally becomes your new regular conversation and finding that transitioning back to real conversations is quite difficult) So new mamas, if you don’t have a mommy friend yet, go find one,  stat. She’s someone who will empathize with your struggle, give you some much needed words of encouragement, be genuinely happy for you and completely understand that joyful feeling of staring into the eyes of your baby and all the other weird stuff you undoubtedly do (*cough* inhale the smell of their feet *cough*), and she will need you just as much as you need her in this new life 2.0. And of course, you will be making your baby his very first friend. RJ and “A” just kind of stared at each other and smiled, but it was the sweetest thing seeing my baby look at another tiny human as if saying, “hey, you’re like me”.

I spent some time walking with baby before Grace arrived, so I’ll use this post to dish on my stroller setup, too. We purchased the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller after plenty of research for something affordable, versatile, and one that could grow with RJ. Many of the others with these same features were upwards of $400-500.


Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller in Onyx


One of my biggest requirements when purchasing my stroller was that the carriage/seat portion have the ability to reverse. There weren’t a whole lot of options in my price range, but I was willing to splurge a little if I didn’t come across the Graco model at $250. I loved the option of my baby being able to look at me or “The Man” for comfort when out and about and honestly, I want to be able to ogle my LO too.

So the other great things about this stroller:

  • It’s compatible with all Graco Click connect car seats. We didn’t initially have a Graco seat, but after a minor fender bender, we replaced it with one so we could easily click RJ in and out of the stroller without waking him up.
  • The carriage that comes with the stroller is amazingly versatile, taking you safely from newborn infant to toddler with a few minor adjustments. The seat itself can recline almost flat so baby can take amazingly comfortable naps and as he gets older, you can adjust the foot portion so his legs can hang out.
  • The shade provides full coverage for any seat position and even has a vent that can be uncovered to provide a better airflow.
  • There are 4 cupholders! 2 on baby’s level and 2 for mommy, PLUS a little storage section with a cover. Cell phone, beverages, coupons, napkins…you can hold it all!
  • More on the storage front, the storage area at the bottom is huge. It extends the full length of the stroller and can hold some weight. On an average day, it’ll hold the baby bag and a blanket, but on our more productive days, it literally holds groceries for our family of 3. People are always surprised when I get to the checkout counter and start pulling crazy amounts of vegetables from down below.
  • When it’s time to stow the stroller away, it easily folds with the press of a button and  minimal effort.
  • And lastly, the wheels are made from a rubber like plastic so they easily go over cracks, pebbles, and grass. You might even be able roger away with using this one as a jogger, though I prefer my exercise comes in a less speedy fashion.

    This stroller is crazy versatile!

    This stroller is crazy versatile!

Now, I could honestly rave about my stroller all day because it is my all time favorite baby purchase. I feel like super mom when RJ and I are out with it, but for the sake of a fully formed review, here are some of its downfalls.

  • The stroller frame, without the seat attached feels a little cumbersome. It’s not heavy, but probably also not the most lightweight one on the market. The stroller weighs 26 lbs. in total, with the seat.
  • To open the stroller, you have to reach down and pull up a latch while holding the release button. If you have three arms, perfect, but as a human with only 2, I find it a little difficult to open without leaning it on the car.

Wow, only 2 cons. I weighed many options before purchasing so I’m actually not surprised. With this stroller I actually want to go out and do so much more with RJ.

What’s the piece of mommy equipment that makes you feel like you can take on the world?


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