DIY: All Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorant and Soothing Baby Sniffles 

Hi mamas! Interesting week at our house. Baby boy has the sniffles and his second tooth is pushing away on those gums, so he’s not his usual cheery self. Me and The Man are working hard to keep him smiling and laughing though. He truly gets a kick out of our antics. We sang some songs this morning,  made funny faces, and watched Daniel Tiger on Netflix (if you were and are a fan of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, this show is for you. It’s inspired by the work of Fred Rogers and you’ll recognize a lot of familiar, albeit animated instead of puppet, faces). We managed to get some giggles in between his tears and sneezes though. Luckily his snot is still clear and runny, so we just have to let this run its course. Here’s what I’ve been doing to ease his discomfort:

– Amber necklace is a mainstay along with Camilia for the teething and lots of chewy toys

– Running our humidifier through the night, with Chamomile and Peppermint essential oils added

– Warm baths in a steamy bathroom

– I busted out our aspirator last night and sucked some snot. Super weird experience but I’d drink a tub of his dirty bath water if I had to, so overall, not a big deal.

-Lots of nursing and cuddles

– Since we’re eating solids now, I added some crushed ginger to his morning carrots for a little immune boost. He really enjoyed those.

– And… Baby Tylenol. Because I’m trying to eliminate OTC meds in our home, this gave me a brief pang of mom guilt, but the Man reassured me that I shouldn’t feel any type of way. RJ was completely miserable despite all my natural remedy attempts and this worked almost instantly to get him calm and soothed enough for bed. Between this and the humidifier, he actually had a decent night of rest, which is really important when it comes to sick babies.

So that’s where we are; dealing with our first sick baby. And I’m just here trying not freak out too much. It’s days like this that I need to make shit. Usually cooking will do the trick, but sense I’ve been purging our home of unwanted chemicals and carcinogenic beauty supplies, I decided to do a different type of cooking and “cook” up my own deodorant.

A little backstory and I’m being real transparent here opening up like this, but I’ve always struggled with overactive armpits. I get hot and I sweat, I get nervous and I sweat, I get anxious and I sweat, I carry baby around during nap time and I sweat. It’s not only an unpleasant feeling, but sometimes, depending on the cause of the sweat (i.e. Stress or sharing your body with another human by wearing them) it could also have an unpleasant smell, which has always been embarrassing, but i’ve managed to manage it. I struggled with it a lot as a preteen because I was a spaz and quite nervous/anxious all the time, so it’s always been a mission to find deodorants that help my problem. I eat pretty healthily and drink a lot of water and really always have, but stress and anxiety are a bitch that you can’t just magically get rid of.

Prior to my natural journey, I preferred Dove sensitive deodorant. In the past my armpits experienced rashes from other brands so this was best and it worked out alright for the time. But of course, learning about the ingredients of most  commercial deodorants will make you shudder. The aluminum (what keeps you from sweating) in deodorant  clogs your pores and has been linked to the formation of breast cancer cells. I finally decided I wasn’t down with all that and switched to Tom’s, an aluminum free alternative. After using that for about 2 weeks, I decided I didn’t like how it was interacting with my body’s chemistry. It was likely just the scent of the calendula (which is great for treating skin irritations), but again, I wasn’t down with all of that. So I switched to a mineral based, like literal salt block deodorant that had worked for me in the past. This method does work, but I still found that I was experiencing a weird smell (note: this could be because I hadn’t detoxed my underarms from the old deodorant), so I decided to make my own and see how that would work.

After googling it, I stumbled across Wellness Mama’s DIY recipe. There are 2 recipes here, one with Shea Butter and one with Coconut Oil. I used the coconut oil recipe and am sharing below. And if you are into DIYs and want to try more, this site is for you!

Wellness Mama’s Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant

What You’ll Need:

  1. Mix baking soda and arrowroot together in a medium sized bowl.
  2. Mash in coconut oil with a fork until well mixed.
  3. Add oils if desired.
  4. Store in small glass jar or old deodorant container for easy use.

Super simple. All in all, this took me less than 10 minutes to make. I added tea tree oil (kills bacteria and fungus and helps reduce allergic skin reactions), lavendar (general skincare and scent), orange oil (skincare and scent). Though, all of these oils have other beneficial topical properties as well.

One important note, before using, it could be helpful to detox your underarms by dabbing them with an apple cider vinegar soaked cotton ball to pull all those old toxins out.

And the results? I am more happy with this desirably than any I have ever tried. EVER! No smelly sweat at all. Not even a lingering odor at the end of my day, even after carrying baby, walking dog’s, and cleaning up around the house. And even better, because the scent is pretty neutral (the coconut oil and essential oils only give off a subtle scent), the fragrance I wear (also chemical free, but my little secret) pops so much more. It’s truly lovely.

This has to be one of my most successful DIYs to date because of its inherent lifelong and life changing value. Give it a shot, however weird you might think it is (trust me it’s not weirder than what we’ve already exposed our bodies to, and it’s certainly cheaper). And do a little research to see how the chemicals in deodorant are affecting our bodies.  I know they say everything will kill us, but why not take control over what we can to give ourselves the best shot? Shit, I’m trying to make it to 130!




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