Snacks on Snacks on Snacks: Beanfield’s Rice & Bean Chips Review

I’ve told you guys before, I LOVE chips and salsa. In my house, they are their own food group. You will always find some form of salsa in my fridge, and trust me to put it on any and everything if there are no chips around. On my most recent grocery trip, I forgot tortilla chips! It had been a long day and RJ was a little over it all. I didn’t bring my carrier because I figured we could get in and out and I could use my stroller to pack in my groceries, which I did, and it worked, except for the part where he stays in the stroller and smiles and coos as we pass through the produce section and stock up on all the fun new veggies he can now try. Yeah, about that, the boy wanted to be held, so I single handedly (literally!) did all of my grocery shopping. So next time you see me, please don’t question why my left arm is looking so buff, here in lies your answer.

I digress, back to the chips. I forgot them! Mercy me. But, the chip gods were working in my favor because I had just been asked by my friend Gabriela of Pregnant in the City to try out some new chips from a family owned company called Beanfield’s. Chips, made from rice and beans, that were vegan, gluten-free, and came in several flavors. Hmm…for the record, I am not vegan, I eat all the gluten, and I don’t come in several flavors. But, I was intrigued. I do like to try new things and I do love a good healthy alternative to something I already eat so regularly, so I figured why the hell not, let’s give them a shot.

And I was pleasantly surprised. First off, of the two bold flavors I tried, and am still currently enjoying (Ranch and Barbecue), Barbecue is pretty amazing. They don’t skimp on the seasoning and you don’t feel like you’re eating some sort of health food. It’s a good tasting chip, above all else. You can taste the beans, black, and navy to be exact, but I love beans, so no problem here after you get over that initial “oh yeah, this is beany” reaction. Even my only sometimes bean liking fiance was digging the BBQ flavor. He made a point to compare the flavoring to his favorite Ramen seasoning and he looooves ramen so I knew we had a winner.

I can tell you that we are on our way to devouring the last bag of the BBQ flavor.

Ranch tasted a bit more subtle at first, and thank god, it does not taste like other ranch flavored chips.  As I have matured, I developed a strong disdain for that flavor, and many other Ranch flavorings as well. I am not a huge fan of ranch salad dressing, and will take blue cheese as my dipping sauce for just about anything a ranch lover will dip. Again, I digress, but this blog is to let you in on my life / adventures, however mundane they may be. The Ranch chip is a little more beany in my opinion, but I think have found my new favorite salsa dipper! Something about the tang of the ranch flavoring mixed with my favorite Salsa Verde is the Confession, the only reason I initially tried this combo was because I was sitting in the car while The Man ran into Home Depot for some supplies (we’re starting a garden, y’all! But more on that later) with my bags of groceries, and I got hungry. Nothing new there, I am always hungry. I had a bag of the Ranch Rice and Bean chips open, and then I spotted it, the salsa verde in the bottom of one of my bags. (Though I prefer to make my own, I have my hands full with a couple of other projects this week, yay me! and knew I wouldn’t get around to making it) I ripped the plastic off and went to town with my dipping shenanigans and oh my goodness, I was in love. Who needed a tortilla chip, again? Not me. So there I sat, listening to Action Bronson and munching on my guerilla snack, with no shame, while baby napped in the backseat. Moms, it’s in these moments we realize what motherhood looks like, isn’t it?

So here’s the rundown on these snacks that makes them much more guilt free than other chips on the market:

No GMOs! – no crazy mutant corn, soy, rice, or beans in these.

As much as 150% more protein than your average tortilla chip. And if you like to get into the nitty gritty of nutrition, these are complete proteins and really filling.

As  much as 250% more fiber than your average tortilla chip, again, making it a truly filling snack. And if you find it hard to get your little ones to eat enough fiber, this could do the trick.

Up to 44% less fat than traditional tortilla chips. Hey, they aren’t fried, so there you have it.

And for those of you with specific diets, they are allergy friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher!

But, most importantly, for a woman like me who loves to eat, they actually taste like something you want to eat, despite all of this goodness.

So where can you find these babies, you ask? Never fear Angelenos, here’s the Beanfield’s store locator and a quick list of where you can find them:

Whole Foods

At a price point of abut $1.29, it’s worth it for a snack that’s pretty tasty, fulfilling, and can boast the features like this chip can.

I’ll be back later with some recipe/snack ideas for you and your little ones, plus a fun giveaway. Until then, happy snacking!



The Black Mama


  1. Bean fields are the best! If you love salsa, you must try KYVAN Honey Apple Salsa, great combo with Beanfields!

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