E=mc2 : The Science of Mama Energy

“You matter…until you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared. Then you energy”

Came across that little gem scrolling through Instagram the other day and it made me think about all the energy we expend as mamas. I mean, if you’re like me, and let’s face it, you are…you probably do at least 50 separate tasks a day. In fact, it’s probably more. And what’s more, is that what used to be a simple pleasure like using the bathroom (alone), has now become sort of a chore. Hmm, if I just hold it til nap time I can spend more than 30 seconds in there.

So how the hell do we even manage this hectic schedule day in and day out? Some people may swear by coffee, I have never been a coffee girl (except for ice cream flavor), tea is also a good option that I used to enjoy but I try to limit caffeine intake since I’m breastfeeding. so I might just have a glass of iced green tea here or there.
Some people swear by sleep. But as you know I’m a night owl (and even then I don’t get it all done) so that’s out the window. But, sidenote: we’ve upgraded our sleep situation so this mama is about to have some better nights of sleeping in general. More on that in a future post.
So how do I keep my energy up? Well first, I try to eat breakfast everyday and take a B12 supplement, which is a natural energy booster your body actually needs (it helps convert your food into energy so if you’re deficient, you might notice a slower metabolism), which brings me to the next point, I eat, ALOT. This is a symptom of being a breastfeeding mother, but even before baby, I was not afraid to eat like a champ. I try to eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, but I do fall victim to the quick fix of sugar from time to time. I love to bake and I’m my #1 tester ;), and, if I’m lucky I can sneak in a catnap when baby nurses into his afternoon nap. Usually 15 minutes is all I need to give me a nice little boost for my afternoon to-do list.

I’m not big on other energy supplements that you drink or ingest so when my friend Gabriela over at Pregnant In The City told me about QiRex (made by the Hansderma company), a natural, topical energy booster I figured I’d give it a shot. QiRex is an energy oil made with solar activated olive oil and a mixture of essential oils mixed for their energizing effects. You dab a little on your forehead, temples, base of your neck, and wrists 1-3 times a day whenever you need a little boost. It’s supposed to increase the flow of Qi, which clears up the energy blockages in your body.  Try it for yourself here.

Sounds like a miracle right? Well, let’s dig in a bit. First off, you should definitely use it daily to feel a result. Though on first use, I think I was a little excited to have some newfound energy and felt like it worked right away. It’s a conundrum wherein, you know what the result should be so you experience a sort of placebo effect. To test that theory out, I did go some days without it to see how different I felt. In my house tired is the new black, so going back to “normal” was just that. But on mornings that I feel myself dragging just to get me and baby out of the bed, I dab some and it does get me going. Now by afternoon, I do start to feel drowsy, especially as I’m getting baby down for his nap and by that point, I do often forget to reapply. But, I can’t sleep hungry, so I usually sneak away like a ninja in the darkness to scarf down some sort of lunch. In the next week, i’ll start keeping my second bottle on me so even when we’re out I can reapply and let you guys know how I feel after a middle of the day application.

So mamas if you’re like me and not into caffeine or other energy supplements And most importantly, open to the powers of essential oils and a little bit of new age alchemy, try it out and let me know what you think. For me it’s one of those things that entirely depends on how you feel about new age healing. It works for some but maybe not for others.
Hansderma also makes a cooling aloe gel for muscle soothing. It’s comparable to icy hot, but made with aloe, tea tree oil, menthol, ginseng, and lavender. My man suffers from tense muscles. As a tattoo artist he’s hunched over a lot for work so on Fathers Day I told him I’d rub his back after our day of fishing. He felt the cooling sensation almost immediately and the next day he said his shoulders felt a little better. His neck, shoulders, as back are bad y’all so I’m going to keep working with this one, but if you’re looking for a natural alternative to icy hot or other chemically laden cooling/relaxing products, definitely give this one a try. It’s best if used with their ice roller, which I’m dying to try, but haven’t yet.  You can pick one up here.

What are some of your natural remedies for energy and relaxation? Comment below and let me know if you try either Hansderma product.


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