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If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you now know that The Man is a tattooer. He is pretty covered and is dying for me to add more to my collection. I have a few small tattoos here and there and a palm sized one on my back…well I did, until recently, now I have a pretty large one on my thigh as well. A lot of people that know me, more specifically, my family, wonder why I am deciding to get tattooed, and it’s funny to me to have to explain myself, after all, I’m grown. I spent my formidable years trying to please everyone and being the pillar of excellence to my family; I always got straight A’s, never got into trouble, I was a peppy cheerleader, and generally walked the straight and narrow. Tattoos are by no means indicative of treading off that path, but some people still seem to think they are.

I have always loved tattoos, whether they were mine or other people’s, I truly admire the art and after seeing my hubby do it, I hold his craft to such a high regard because it takes so much more than just running a machine over your skin and “ta-da”. There is an element of perfection, and of course, the element of pain, and in the end, you have an eternal piece of art to carry around each day. It’s deep, man.

Another thing you may have learned about me in reading is that I truly believe  “Breast milk can cure anything”.  Like, I keep a spare bottle in the fridge for emergencies.

Classic Chappelle right here.

You might also know that I am willing to try just about anything once. I mean, how else will you find an answer unless you ask the questions. You have to experiment a little in life to find what works for you, whether that means dying your hair bright red to know it’s just not for you:


yikes! The Black Mama at 21


True story but I somehow misplaced the incriminating photo so this will have to do.

Baby boy tried it too. He didn’t like it.

You have to eat a few peas to know they just aren’t your favorite:

And you have to kiss a few frogs before you find Prince Charming:


Baby Mama circa 1992

So that brings me to my most recent experiment using my liquid gold: healing my tattoo with breast milk. I took my curiosity to the internets first as most of us do when we have a burning health related question…

And to my surprise, there wasn’t a whole lot on the subject. So, like any mommy blogger worth her weight in salt (only the best, evaporated from baby tears, of course), I had to try a little experiment so I could report my findings for all of the web to see.

Even Einstein thinks I know what i'm talking about

Even Einstein thinks I know what i’m talking about

Obviously, if you don’t have immediate access to breast milk, don’t go trying to beg the nearest nursing mama for some, just use your regular old ointment and leave the breast milk healing to the crunchy mamas who love tattoos 🙂 I’m simply touting yet another great benefit of our milky goodness.

Now this is highly unorthodox and maybe some tattoo artists would advise against it, but hubby gave me the ok, so commence the milking.

*Now, it’s important to note that you should always follow the aftercare instructions of your artist to best care for and preserve their work.

I didn’t think to try this little experiment of mine out immediately. The first couple of days, I washed it with soap as necessary (careful to not submerge the ink in water) and applied a thin layer of A&D ointment after the area dried.

A few days passed and I had an epiphany, “Why not use breast milk?” It’s literally worked wonders on my baby’s face and scalp. It’s helped to heal a scar on The Man, and it’s given me a dewy glow when I used it for a facial.

Like our good friend coconut oil, breast milk is quickly absorbed into the skin, so when applying it onto a tattoo, you aren’t left with a lingering wetness. And another added benefit you’ll notice right away is a reduction in itching that comes along with healing skin.

It’s hard to say specifically how long it takes a tattoo to heal, you can expect, at minimum 2-3 weeks. (*Note* the deeper skin layers take a few months to heal) This time can increase for larger pieces, pieces done in color, your general health, and placement of the tattoo. Since mine is on my thigh and it’s summer, I don’t have to worry about too much friction from clothing. However, this location is not prime for a nursing mother who may have to hold her baby on her lap multiple times a day (*ahem*), and a baby who enjoys picking, poking, and prodding at you every chance he gets. We had a few hiccups with scab getting scraped off by baby’s movement, unfortunately, but all in all, I’d say the experiment yielded satisfactory results.

I started using my milk around Day 10 ones little scabs started forming on the color area. The black and gray parts healed much faster and didn’t experience any scabbing or rough patches (maybe due to the milk). As the colored areas went through a scabbing phase, the milk really helped keep me from wanting to scratch it as it healed.

I got the shading and color added to my thigh on July 22. I was fully healed by August 19, which makes it 3 weeks. I will do a follow up post on my next tattoo to see if the breast milk decreases healing time or if it’s simply a nice alternative to lotions and ointments that are on the market.

See below for my day-by-day guide to healing your tattoo with breast milk. Please pardon the differing lighting in the pictures, I had to snap the pictures when and where I could.

Day 1


The Man putting in work

Day 4


Bad lighting. Before the breast milk experiment.


Day 5


True story, I bruise like a banana. Also before the great boobie milk experiment

Day 10


This is the day I started with the milk, along with the scabbing.

Day 11


Literally milked myself onto my leg. No shame

Day 13


Sorry again for the bad lighting, but you can see the scabs have started to peel.

Day 18

You can see the red is super vibrant and the scabs are slowly coming off

You can see the red is super vibrant and the scabs are slowly coming off

Day 23

My little "helper" who accidentally knocked some scabbies off :(

My little “helper” who accidentally knocked some scabbies off 🙁

Day 28

cute nails, cute tattoo. and healed!

cute nails, cute tattoo. and healed!

My verdict: this is kinda genius! As long as I have milk to make, I’m going to continue healing my tattoos with it. I’ll update you guys the next round on how it works out using it from the beginning.

If you liked my journey, share this post! Would love to connect with other mamas who may have tried this but just haven’t blogged about it. And if you are a milking mama who loves tattoos, comment, let me know who you are!!




The Black Mama

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  1. Finally put the kids down to bed so now I have a chance to read this! So happy to come across you on Instagram 🙂

    Anyway! My hubby working on his sleeve, can’t wait to suggest breast milk after his next session. I’ll let him read this!

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