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Last weekend, we enjoyed a Korean festival here in LA. We were actually on our way to a birthday party when we came across a huge closure that kept us from getting to the freeway. On further inspection, The Man realized it  was the annual festival where he once performed on the main stage. My man is talented, but I don’t think he’d ever want me to share any of his musical abilities on here.

So, we figured we might as well join the festivities since traffic was a beast in any immediate direction which although kinda normal for L, when traveling with a baby who doesn’t like to travel, can be a nightmare. It was also a nice consolation since we were missing the birthday party of one of RJ’s first friends. (Sorry Janece and baby J, we love you guys!)

The festival included lots of food from bulgogi tacos, to Korean corn dogs and boba and elote, Mexican grilled corn with chile, lime, and cheese toppings. There was also a ton of shit to buy. Two long tents were filled with vendors hawking Korean goods, from fermented plum extract (which is like next level prune juice and will keep your digestive system on fleek) to salted mackerel and various types of kimchi to 3D face masks infused with wide range of serums. I copped a few of these because I was nearly out of my last stash. Typically, I get my masks from “Omoni”, my mother-in-law, and usually they are infused with aloe, cucumber, green tea, or seaweed. I use them about once a week to refresh my face, which is now especially important with the weather changing (though these past couple of days feel more like Hell than fall.) So when I came across the vendor for these masks,  I was pretty excited and even more so because he had some new masks that I had been wanting to try, namely, snail, snake, and stem cell.




To Americans, these might seem completely strange or gross, but to a native South Korean, maybe not. And that’s because South Korea is the beauty capital of the world and almost any unique or weird beauty product you can imagine has probably already been released, used, and loved there.
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I tasked my social media followers to select which of the three I tried first and wrote about, and the winner is…STEM CELL!


Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, let me make it clear that the serum in the mask is derived from plant stem cells, not anything human!! In fact, most beauty products made with stem cells use those from Swiss Apples or Grapes as they are known for staying fresh for long periods of time. They are added to products to neutralize free radicals and reduce the signs of aging. Stem cells (plant and human alike) are known for their regenerative properties and ability to transform into cells that will help the function of a specific organism. So basically, they’re magic.

If you are interested in experimenting with beauty products containing stem cells, yourself, here’s a list of a few other things to keep in mind when looking for the right product.

Ok, let’s get to my experience with the stem cell face mask.

A lot of people might find it weird, especially before you know that these aren’t made with human stem cells, but you know me, I will try anything once and actually enjoy trying pseudo- strange things for your enjoyment 🙂

Before using any of these types of masks, always start by thoroughly washing your face.

1. Wash face and pat dry.


2. Open your mask pack and carefully unfold it. You want to be careful not to rip it as the material is pretty thin and very wet.

3. Place the mask on your face, aligning the cutouts with your eyes, nose, and mouth. The flaps of the mask will fit the contours of your face. Smooth it out and try to get rid of the air pockets.


4. Sit and wait. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.

5. Peel mask off of your face. There will be a layer of serum from the mask left on your face. DO. NOT. RINSE. Let the juices absorb into your skin.


6. Apply a lightweight moisturizer of your choice after your skin has dried.


Ok, so what was this face mask really like?

  • I don’t know what I expected it to smell like, but the scent was very floral-like. The others I have tried just smell fresh and like the plant they’re infused with. I’ve never smelled a stem cell, so there you go.
  • When you use any of these masks, you’re going to find that they are all fairly “slimy” and wet so that was nothing new.
  • While it was on my face, I started to get an itch on my cheek. I won’t blame it on the mask because  I didn’t notice anything wrong with my face after, but that did lead me to only leave it on for 20 minutes instead of longer.
  • Immediately after removing the mask, my skin had a great glow and felt plump and refreshed. It also felt really cool (temperature). I keep my masks in the fridge, but usually after the 20 minute waiting period, they don’t feel as cold. This mask stayed cold and my face continued to feel that way for about 10 minutes after removing it.
  • I’ve been rocking a mean little pimple on my lower cheek so I kinda, sorta expected the stem cells to work some magic and get rid of it, but alas, that’s not how this stuff works, so it’s still there, though slightly smaller.
  • The morning after I still feel like my skin is retaining moisture and I still have the glow, baby.


  • One of the things I really love about these kinds of masks (all of them) is the amount of moisture they provide your skin. I’d totally wear a full body one when my skin starts to feel dry from the fall/winter weather.

So, should you try it?
To put it simply, yes, sure, why not? Since these types of masks are becoming more popular, you might be able to find your own at Sephora or Ulta to give it a shot. The best part about these masks is really that you get to pamper yourself for the low low. As a mom, you might not have all the time or money in the world to go to a spa and get those expensive ass treatments, so buy a few of these and you can keep your skin glowing on a weekly basis for a fraction of the price.


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these 3D masks, would love to hear about your




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