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Since I started The Black Mama, things have changed quite a bit. Of course, you guys have been following my journey and obviously know that things have changed on the baby front (he’s now 1), but on the blogging side of things, I’ve seen some changes, too. I’m starting to realize the importance of posting regularly, both here and on social media; I’ve gained a few new amazing mama friends, whom I’ve met through social media; I’ve partnered with a couple amazing companies as a brand ambassador and marketing affiliate; and I’ve become a featured blogger on what I like to call, your new favorite baby product review site, TeeterTot. It’s a site for moms, by moms, and I am loving it!


If you’re like me, then any time you set out to purchase a new product for mama or baby, you dig around the interwebs to find all the praise (& dirt) on it. But sometimes, the nitty-gritty is hard to find. I find myself scrolling through forums from years gone by, reading through all the hundred of recommendations to my initial question of what’s the best transition car seat for a sweaty baby? Once I find something that stands out to me, then I do a Google search to find the product on Amazon, or written about on a mommy blog, or reviewed in a YouTube tutorial. Sometimes you hit gold and fall in love with a product then and there, but more often then not, you find yourself back at the Babies R’ Us website, reading through their reviews, hoping to find the voice of a mom who seems just like you. Let’s just say, I rarely find that person. It seems like the only people that write reviews on the Babies R’ Us website are grandparents…

Well, that’s where TeeterTot comes in. Founder, Stacey Lucas graduated from Yale University and worked as a nurse practitioner until 2014, when she decided to become a 24/7 full-time mom to her two beautiful  children. In her previous career, she had a passion for learning and research. Luckily for her, being a mom is kinds of an endless cycle of learning and research and she wanted a way to put all of that to greater use. Now, she has created TeeterTot as a way for moms like her to share their own research and experiences with others in a beautifully concise and easy to navigate platform.

Stacey and her family

Stacey and her family

Here are some things I love about TeeterTot:


Some of the mommy bloggers featured on TeeterTot for November

•THE VOICES• Stacey actively seeks mommy bloggers from all over, and used a really successful social media campaign to find them, meaning, TeeterTot contributors are well versed in internet speak, they have fun, and they can speak to those of us who hate reading the vague reviews you find on just about every sight. They get into the nitty gritty, but since they aren’t just anonymous people who purchased the product, you get more than just a review. You get a peek into their lives as mothers. For the non-moms out there, you may not fully get this yet, but when you spend a lot of time with a jabbering baby, you pine for adult interaction, but honestly, you might simply be too tired to go look for it out of your home. The internet and social media have been game changers for this new generation of moms. Utilizing a site like TeeterTot or engaging with moms on Instagram can help you create a tribe that spans across the world. So more than just reviews, you are getting a peek into the lives of other moms, and I love that!

•THE LAYOUT• TeeterTot is a site that knows exactly why its here. It’s a review site, with the added benefit of unique, humanized voices of diverse moms. But, it never strays from it’s priority as a review site. When you select a review, you are met with a section that stands out with all of the products features listed, as well as high quality pictures of the product. ALL the features you need are listed right there, as well as the website and customer service telephone number. I don’t know how many times i’ve had to google a customer service phone number in a new window some companies make it next to impossible to find it on their website. Just below the features, a list of pros and cons are clearly stated for you to digest, then the reviewer gives their bottom line. But, that’s not all. There’s more! Below that, the reviewer goes into detail by scoring the various features of each product on a scale of 10. So now, we’ve got some verbal/written info to help us navigate and we’ve also got the numbers which help paint a much more detailed picture. Below that, the original blog post written by that mommy reviewer is featured for your further entertainment and more detailed experience of product use. There is a lot of information provided, but it never feels overbearing. The layout makes everything completely digestible and fun to read. The icons are simple, the graphics are pretty, and the content drives this all home.

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-9-05-14-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-9-05-29-pm

•BEING A CONTRIBUTOR• If you would’ve told me a year ago that someone would want me to share my opinions on motherhood and baby products with the world, I would’ve said you were crazy. When I started my blog, I was just happy to be writing again and entertaining a couple of my friends with my usual antics (now with a mommy cape on), but here we are, a year later, and my blog is getting the potential to reach so many more people because of this unique review site. You see, Stacey actively seeks mommy bloggers as a way to not only ensure great reviews and writing, but also to pay it forward to the mom bloggers. With this platform, The Black Mama is reaching eyes it hadn’t before, and for that I am grateful. I am a student of possibility, always looking at the glass as half full, and with this opportunity, I see another step in my blogging career happening before my eyes. You’ll probably recognize some of my reviews if you peruse the site, and I definitely recommend giving it a look. Whether you’re a new mom, and old mom, or a mom to be, TeeterTot is a useful tool when it comes to making a decision on which products are going to work best for you and baby.


The Black Mama circa 2015


And our current situation

Being a mom at any stage is tough, but I love finding resources, in person and online that make navigating it a bit more gentle on the brain.



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