About the bLAck mama Blog

photo: Brandi Bryce

The black mama is a quirky, kinda crunchy blog about 20-something life and motherhood. I’m a mom who is learning as I go, and doing it to the beat of my own drum. Kinda sorta crunchy, hippie-dippie, peace loving, but will still cut you if you fuck with me. This is a place for moms with a sense of humor who do things a little differently.

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photo: Brandi Bryce

I’ve found that I appreciate the wisdom of my grandmother and other more experienced moms out there, but frankly, their advice doesn’t always work for me. I’m the kind of woman that will need my best friend to delete my google history should something happen to me because of all the weird stuff I look up while nursing my son at 2am. I’m the kind of woman that still laughs at poop jokes (and cracks up when my kid coughs and farts at the same time), and I’m the kind of woman who likes to try everything once even when someone says not to, even if it means putting breast milk on cradle cap (more on that later). I experiment until I find what works for me and I’m happy to share my finds with you. But I don’t have all the answers, instead this is more of a peek into my journey through motherhood with some surprising discoveries along the way.

So welcome to the bLAck mama. Enjoy!